"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
-Charlotte Mason

Sunday, 28 February 2010

English, Maths, Geography worksheets and more. (link)

Just sharing another useful web link, worksheet works. I come across it while on The Muslim Homeschooler blog, jazakillaahu khairan sis for sharing :) . This site has some great grammar practice sheets, plus mathematics, Geography and more.

Grammar Land freebie

Homeschool Freebie are offering free download of the classic story book 'Grammar Land' , published in 1878, apparently quite a good book insha Allaah.

The link was posted on the 24th of Feb and is still available, but won't be for much longer, you can find it here

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Successful LEA Meeting ! Alhamdulillaah !!!

We had the LEA come on Friday, that morning I was so anxious just waiting for the assessor to arrive. But Alhamdulillaah I was pleasantly surprised when he came, I was expecting a much older man dressed up in a business suit with a briefcase, lol, the typical office look, but he wasn't at all like that and I didn't feel intimidated by him.

He was pleased with our classroom, said it was very colourful Masha'Allaah, he looked at a little bit of the girls work, he especially liked the lapbooks. He wasn't actually here for as long as I thought he would be, probably only about 20 minutes-1/2 hour, he said he was pleased with what he'd seen, and we appear to be on the right track, (insha Allaah) and he will send us the report and would be ticking the 'acceptable' box, alhamdulillaah.

I was over the moon, it was such a relief and quite a confidence booster. I am glad that I contacted them now, rather than them turn up at my door unexpectedly or something like that.

All my thanks go to Allaah, for making it easy for me alhamdulillaahil rabbil 'aalameen (All praise be to Allaah, the lord of Mankind).

On another note, here's a few recent web links I've come across which I thought I'd share :

Rocket Maths (note: apparently for home users the flashcards are more recommended for the memorisation of Math Facts)

Primary Home Tutor

Noeo Homeschool Science (U.S)

Math U See

Hearts and Trees

Cambridge Brain Box

Science Kits (U.S)

The Maths Factor (Carol Vordermans up and coming online maths school, insha Allaah)

Science A-Z

BTW, learning was little this past week, due to various factors, and me panicking and trying to prepare for the LEA, we did some work on the human body, some maths, spelling but not enough to post up an interesting enough update, will try better this week insha Allaah !

Also to the sister who sent me the message the other day, if your reading this, afwan sis, I apologise I didn't respond to your second email, I've been a bit busy as your aware the past few days, feel free to call me insha Allaah, probably best late afternoon insha Allaah, I look forward to hearing from you :)

Monday, 22 February 2010

Anxious over LEA visit, plus great web link !

Assalamu 'alaykum, and Hi ! to anyone who may happen to be reading this, Sorry I haven't updated my blog recently, haven't had much chance to come and write our weekly updates, which I must admit I thought I was doing really well at ;) alhamdulillaah, but we've also been away to Wales, we came back on Friday. It was nice to have a break Masha'Allaah.

I'm not gonna write much as it's really late here in the UK, I'm busy trying to organise some work for the girls for tomorrow insha Allaah. I also have the second visit from the LEA (local education authority) on Friday morning, this has totally shook my confidence, and I've been doubting myself big time in the last week, it's the whole 'official' thing and having someone judge the work your doing with your kids, it can all feel very overwhelming and intimidating, all in all I hope that it will be a positive meeting and that he will be satisfied with my efforts insha Allaah. Will try my best to update on how it goes.

Before I go, I just want to make mention of an excellent phonics website I've just come across, I was looking for some sheets to supplement the lessons in Reading Reflex, and this site actually offers free phonic packs, 6 in total, they're nicely set out and illustrated Masha'Allaah. I just printed out some of the worksheets for the 'oa' sound, Dd(6) needs alot more practice, and I'm hoping this will be just what she needs insha Allaah.

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, 6 February 2010

The weight is creeping on......

Here's a handy link for checking you and your kids' BMI (body mass index), I've just checked mine and apparently I'm a bit overweight for my height (yikes !!!). I wasn't happy with my current weight, and bought some dumballs and skipping rope earlier today, and renewed my subscription with Demand Fitness. Alhamdulillaah I've never had a problem with my weight, apart from wanting to gain more, and after each child I've quickly gotten back to my usual weight, but after my recent child I haven't. I do put it down mainly to the amount of biscuits I eat ( I luuuuurve custard creams :D) plus I'm driving now, so I don't walk as much as I used to, and probably lack of exercise, so Insha Allaah things have got to change, starting with the biscuits! I'm going to 'try' and limit myself to two in the morning with my cup of tea, and the same in the evening, I won't tell you how many I normally have :/

Ok well I'm off to make some food for the kids, and prepare for my first fitness class later on, insha Allaah.