"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
-Charlotte Mason

Monday, 5 April 2010

Letting it all out

My apologies for no posting's for a while again (sigh), when am I going to get this whole 'blogging with discipline' thing going that I've so proudly placed on my sidebar, to be honest my blogging mood goes up and down, some days I feel so enthusiastic to post something on my blog, but then other days, zero, nilch, almost a bit like how I'm feeling now. Sometimes I also don't feel motivated to post anything, when it seems like I'm just blogging to myself, I'm sure we all like to recieve comments, even a few words of encouragement, salaams, or any kind of feedback, and I do appreciate those who have left comments on my blog, you know who you are, maybe I'm craving a bit more interaction on my blog, maybe I need to make more interesting posts, as I know I'm not the best of bloggers.

A few times I have had thoughts of calling it a day with this blog, and I'm not saying this as a cry for sympathy or attention, I just need to get these things out, instead of just thinking them, that's what this blog is for isn't it? when I think like that, I try to cast it aside and stop feeling sorry for myself, and instead try harder with my blog, but as you can see when I've got all these feelings going on in me, the whole blogging thing gets more and more put to the side (another 'big' sigh ). Alhamdulillaah I have quite a few followers now, but I don't know who's reading and who's not, would be nice to hear from you :)

Anyway, enough of moaning for one night, I just want to say that we're soon to be moving back to Wales insha Allaah, this has been on the cards for a while now, but went down to Cardiff a couple of weeks ago to see some houses, and saw one I really liked, actually it's just by our old house, so we'll be in a very familiar location :) The main focal points of the house are the kitchen and bathroom (it's huuuge!!) Masha'Allaah, and very modern, so right now we're not getting alot of home learning done, the packings mainly down to myself, hubby's busy trying to get the house painted (to cover all the scribbles on the walls and grubby little fingerprints :D ).

We will be moving on the 28th April insha Allaah, which is just a little over 3 weeks, I have so much to do, but as usual being very laidback about it all, :D I was determined with this move to get things done asap and well before the moving date, as yet I haven't done too bad, but if I don't get a move on now, it will probably be alot of last minute, throw everything in boxes packing!! It certainly won't be the first time :D Well, I'm now gonna leave you with a few pics of what the girls have been up to lately, and please I hope no one has taken any offence with anything I've written in this post, that's not what I intended.


jaradoron said...

Good luck moving it is one of my least favorite things to do. It looks like you are getting some schooling in-- good job!! Just blog when you feel like it!!

ummrashid said...

Don't worry sis, you are probably feling quite stressed by the moving house thing. InshAllah once you have moved you can really concentrate on settling things down the way you want them.
I read whenever your post comes up in the Google reader.

Umm Khadijah said...

Wa alaykum assalam, and thankyou both for your comments, I appreciate it :)

Umm Tafari said...

As salaam alaikum,

I completely understand how you feel about wanting interaction on your blog. I have found that it must be a mutual give and take to get more interaction. Insha Allah, we can follow each others lives through our blogs. Would you be interested?

Umm Khadijah said...

Wa alaykum assalam Umm Tafari, thankyou for your comment, I'm glad you mentioned that actually as it was on my mind, After writing my post I felt a tad hypocritical as I thought about myself as a commentator, as my blogging mood goes up and down, so does my mood for commenting. There will be days when I leave comments on other blogs, and then some when I'm just happy to read what they've wrote. So yes, your right it must be mutual give and take, all of us supporting one another insha Allaah.

Afwan sis for not having commented on your blog yet, I have looked at some of your posts and you seem to be very active in your homeschooling Masha'Allaah, May Allaah bless you and your family with khair, ameen.

Insha Allaah sis, will be popping over to your blog shortly :D

Wa salaamu 'alaykum.

Oum Anas said...

Assalamu aleikum sis, subhaanAllah i totally missed that you were moving...! I've been sooo busy I've got lots of blogs I haven't read for ages and my own blog... well, you know how badly it's kept *blush*

You will be missed by us (especially my second son often mentions your son), maybe we can meet some day if we visit Wales... otherwise there's always the blogosphere, alhamdu lillah. Noticed your e-mail didn't work anymore (?), I hope you'll come back on-line soon, in shaa Allah.

Take care, fee amaanillah

Asalamu aelikum

Naimah said...

Wa alaykum Oum Anas,

I'm so sorry it's taken me almost for ever to post your comment and reply, I'm only now starting to direct some attention to my very very neglected blogs :(

Also I'm sorry I didn't contact you before leaving B'ham, towards the end it was such a rush and alot of stress. My e-mail is still working, so maybe you can send me your number and we can speak on the phone, or I can send you mine insha Allaah, not sure if your going to see this now, but if I remember I will try and contact your through email if I don't hear from you.

Hope you and your family are well, we're fine alhamdulillaah. Tc care.xxx