"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
-Charlotte Mason

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Recommended resource for outlining

I can happily say the trip to the dentist today was not as bad as I had imagined, I started getting really nervous in the hours leading up to the appointment, and I mean really nervous, I lost count of how many trips to the bathroom I had actually took! lol.  I was booked in to have iv sedation to help me relax, which it did, and I felt like it only took about 5 minutes to take the tooth out, but when I came out I was surprised that over an hour had passed! The pain set in as soon as the numbness wore off, so have to make sure I'm well topped up on the ibuprofen & paracetamol tonight!

One resource I wanted to share this evening is Beginning Outlining by Remedia Publications. The link I've given is to a pdf version of the book on Currclick, I searched and searched online for a copy here in the UK, but couldn't find anything, except from Amazon, which cost £18.75 + £9.44 delivery. So as you can imagine I was over the moon to find an online version. Insha Allah in September when we get started properly with our learning, I'll be following some of the guidelines from The Well Trained Mind, and for my son's grade level he would be expected to know how to outline, which is basically summarising the main points of a text in order. I'm not sure if he's actually learnt this in his previous school, don't think he has, but it was suggested by the authors of the Well Trained Mind to start with this book. So we've started with a few pages at a time, quite basic to begin, but he's really enjoying it, and it's actually making more sense to me now :)

So over the holidays we're just going to be preparing for September, make sure our classroom looks top notch! or as near to top notch as we possibly can xD.  I just splashed out on two colourful drawer units with work boxes from Staples, £50 each but I just couldn't resist! These ones are very similar but ours have 8 drawers and the colours are slightly different..

......There's quite a few books that I need to order, which I normally buy from Amazon, and a lot of the time from 'new and used sellers' which surprisingly 'new' are sometimes cheaper than the 'used' bizarre! Along with that, I need to carry on with the task of de-cluttering this room, I hope one day soon it will all be organised and I can share some photos on here, it's not too bad at the moment, just not exactly the way I want it to be, but it's a work in progress I guess, always improvements to be made :)


Umm Faatimah said...

masha-Allaah tabarkAllaah - loving your update umm Khadijah - keep 'em coming! May Allah grant u sucess in your home schooling aameen!

Naimah said...

Wa alaykum assalam, jazakillah khair sis, glad you enjoyed it, sorry it took so long to post your comment!!lol. Ameen & insha Allah the same for you xxxxx