"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
-Charlotte Mason

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Dealing with an injured finger!

Before I go off to bed, I thought I'd do a quick blog update, Yesterday T(6) jammed her finger in the door, so we didn't get off to a good start at all, Qadr Allaah, at first I thought her nail was half off, so I started panicking, it was horrible, but once I was able to look at it, I realised it was the skin on the finger that had been pushed forward, not very nice to look at, but I'm glad the nail was fine alhamdulillaah. T was a bit shocked, love her, she didn't want to look at it first of all, but she eventually calmed down. She's had it checked by a doctor and they said it should be fine insha Allaah, but did suggest we may want to take her to A&E if we suspect there's any problems with movement etc... so as you can guess, there's wasn't much homeschooling going on here yesterday!

Today, we've mainly been working on Maths and English, T(6) who is feeling a lot better alhamdulillaah is doing well with her reading Masha'Allaah, we're still working through the Reading Reflex, today she worked on the sound 'th' , Masha'Allaah it went well, we also read book 3A, from the synthetic phonics series. Alhamdulillaah T is able to read many of the sight words in the books so far, especially as they repeat often.

T also did a bit of cursive writing practice, and Masha'Allaah she's not too bad at it, I was impressed, Just need lot's of practice insha Allaah. She also did a bit of Maths from her workbook, counting money, and then went on some of the Science clips and activities on the BBC, she had fun alhamdulillaah.

K(9) did some work on vowels and consonants today from her workbook, some Maths, and Masha'Allaah she is progressing, as I mentioned before she is quite far behind for her age, but I'm pleased with how she's now starting to get a bit more comfortable with working with bigger numbers, even myself, I'm learning all over again! that's definitely one of the many beauties of homeschooling, we can re-educate ourselves at the same time :)

That's about all we did today, K went to Madrassah in the afternoon, she has also started doing Maths and English there now, so I'm hoping that will give her the extra help she needs insha Allaah. I kept T home today, so I did work with her in the afternoon, as she was at the Doctors in the morning.

Insha Allaah I plan to introduce animal classification with the girls tomorrow, I've printed the lapbook resources off from Homeschool Share , also I purchased a downloadable unit studies pack which looks quite good, you can view some preview pages here.

So will looking forward to starting that with them tomorrow insha Allaah.

Thanks for reading :D

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