"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
-Charlotte Mason

Friday, 11 December 2009

Check out CurrClick's freebie pages!!!

If you haven't come across CurrClick before, then I would definitely recommend you go take a look. They have so many resources covering all academic topics, which you do have to pay for, although I don't find it expensive.

PLUS they also have a freebies section which Masha'Allaah is very impressive, there's about 5 pages full right now, this evening I've purchased a cursive handwriting course E-book from them and an Aesop's fables Copywork book, plus from their freebies pages, I've downloaded a few resources, such as : Amphibians Unit study, Journal Junction: signs of spring, TBB calendar card kit, and a few others.

These are all sitting on my desktop now, waiting to be used, can't wait insha Allaah ! :D


zainab1 said...

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu uhkti,
masha Allaah I love your site, shukrn, for sharing this site.
As I have been homeschooling my 4 children now for 2 years, alhamdulliaah. I often find myself questioning my homeschool schdule. If its not to much trouble ukhti, would you mind sharing your schooling schdule, with me. if you dont want to post it here , my email is zainab99b@yahoo.com Shukrn, waBarakAllaah Feek (smiles)

Umm Khadijah said...

Wa alaykum assalam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu,

Ukhti please accept my apologies for leaving it so long to post your comment and reply.

I would like to say Thankyou for your kind words, it's nice to get some feedback Masha'Allaah.

As for a schedule sis, right now I'm only managing to get a couple of subjects in each morning, mainly English and Maths,and a few others when we're on top of things that day. My girls go to a school in the afternoon, where they do Qu'ran/arabic, plus English,Maths and Science, so we have to be finished by 12 for lunch/salah etc..

I would really like to set up a proper schedule insha Allaah, but my time desperately needs more organising, plus I need earlier nights!

Insha Allaah 2010 will be a more constructive year for us :)