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-Charlotte Mason

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Our new spelling programme

I am so excited!!........I've chosen a spelling programme which I think will be really good for the girls insha Allaah, I have read about it briefly before but never really looked into it, you can take a look at a sample page here of book 1, which can either be bought through post or as an E-book. The name of the programme is Sequential Spelling, and does not follow the traditional way of learning to spell, but rather helps the student to identify the different spelling patterns in words, it is a 7 level programme, and works from easy words up to the more advanced.
I was very impressed when I had a look at the sample pages, it is very different to how spelling is normally taught, and looks far more easier. I will let you know how they get on with it insha Allaah.

I've provided some links below to more info about this programme.

Plus here is a blog article I found through another blog, written by a home school mum who uses this programme.

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