"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
-Charlotte Mason

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Memories Of My Childhood.....The Good And The Bad

1. The day I decided the front garden needed a makeover, I found a tub of white paint and decorated the concrete floor. My step-Dad was not a very happy man that day!

2. The day I was wheeling my bike up the slope in the garden, and fell off it and knocked my head on the corner of the house, I was in need of stitches, but the nurse had a hard time trying to catch me, in the end I got my way and had butterfly stitches instead :D

3. My younger brother being born, he looked just like a little monkey! But sooo cute.

4. Stealing an egg from a bird's nest behind our school, and taking it home, wrapping it up and placing it somewhere nice and warm in hope that it may hatch, somewhere like the radiator!! Yes.....it did actually hatch one day while I was in school, that day my mum was NOT very happy!!!

5. Having a bath with one of my cousins, I noticed a big brown thing floating in the water, boy, did I scream the place down and couldn't get out of there quick enough! lol. My mum and Aunty found it hilarious!

6. The day my brother Andrew came home from the Gulf War, he'd been gone for ages, and we had a massive banner up in the street welcoming him home. We were so happy to have him back safe.

7. The day of the fancy dress party.....I went dressed as an arab, with black shades and a yashmak on my head! lolol. Thanks to big bruv who brought it back from the Gulf.

8. Sledging down the grassy slopes by the railway track, such fun!

9. Having a game of Tennis in the street, with one of the boys I fancied, I was so over the moon when he said '3 love' !!

10. Getting knocked over by a car in the lane behind our house, I broke my collar bone, and made the lovely white sheets on the hospital bed a lovely grey colour :D

11. The day my mum got married to my step-Dad, she looked lovely, and was so happy :)

12. Getting punched in the stomach by a very nasty boy who lived not far from us, my stepdad sorted him out!

13. going to the Beach in the summertime, with all my cousins, we'd have so much fun in the sea, then spend time trying to remember where our parents were sat, often with towels over their heads to protect themselves from the seagull's droppings, lol.

14. Days when the pop man would stop outside our house, and would have loads of chocolate bars by the front seat, was such a treat back then, as the only shop in the village was the post office and seemed to hardly ever be open.

15. Chip butties from the chip van

16. Books from the library van, don't see them often anymore.

17. Staying in Cornwall with my stepdad and younger brother Marc, in a caravan outside Uncle Derek's house, in the morning my stepdad had the most awful hang over, from drinking Cider! the noises from the bathroom were disgusting!!

18. Again in Cornwall at the beach, me, Marc and our cousin Ryan went looking for rock pools, and my stepdad went back to the beach for something, when he came back, the tide was in and we were trapped, the waves were crashing against the rocks, I had a tantrum and threw my towel into the water, lol, I was terrified! My stepdad finally rescued us, but that was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life!

19. Up one night being very sick, laying on the sofa, my mum giving me schweppes tonic water to drink(have never liked that drink since that night) and telling me to breathe in and out slowly. She was watching Inspector Morse on the TV eating a pack of crisps, and me heaving every time a food advert came on. That night stands out in my mind alot.

20. Spending holidays with my Dad in Glynneath, getting very spoilt, and having a great time with my cousins.

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