"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
-Charlotte Mason

Monday, 22 December 2008

Daily report (22/12/08)

Sorry, I know I haven't been updating much lately, Dh came back from hajj masha'Allaah, may Allaah accept his efforts, ameen, the kids were very excited as he'd been gone for about 2 weeks, so we didn't get much school done, plus haven't been able to come online that much. So I made sure tonight I got on here and wrote something, may not be exciting, but for me this is a place I can record my little ones progress, and gather our memories of homeschooling.

Well, today, I must say was a great day, alhamdulillaah. I'm trying to get myself to bed alot earlier these days, aiming for 10.30, last nite got into bed just before 11pm, which is great for me as I'm the kind of gal who could stay up practically all night, but my average time of going to bed was about 2.30, sometimes 3 or 4, but started bringing it back to about 1, so 11 is a great improvement, just got to stick to it now insha Allaah. It is vital I get more rest, as lately I've really started to feel the tiredness, and it's affecting the schooling, so a big reason to break this habit of mine.

Ok, back to today, I know I went a bit off track there, hehe, well Ds(6) is off school for 2 weeks, so schooling the 3 of them right now, masha'Allaah we had a good day, few tears and squabbles, but we made it through alhamdulillaah, and the kids benefitted masha'Allaaah.

Started our day a bit late in the morning, but we did:

Daily adkhaar (rememberance)

Qaa'idah - Dd(8) now moved onto a new page, introducing the sound made when fat-hah comes before waaw, and makes the 'ow' sound as in 'now', I tried to push her a lil bit harder today, as I don't feel we're doing enough, and the girls, I feel are getting used to only doing little portions of work, she did bring on the tears a bit, and complained she couldn't do it, but I knew she could as she'd already read out the sound, so I persisted and the tears eventually stopped, and the page got read a few times, alhamdulillaah. I'm really pleased with the progress she's making Allaahumma baarak feehaa, and I know she can progress alot quicker if she does just a bit more a day insha Allaah. The other day when Dh was here, he was helping her with the Qaa'idah, and he said he thinks she would do really well in Damaaj (yemen) insha Allaah, a place of gaining knowledge, that we may go to insha Allaah.

Dd(5) is also making progress Allaahumma baarak feehaa, insha Allaah with being more consistent, which I am trying my hardest to attain, she will move along alot quicker also.
Ds(6) doing well Allaahumma baarak feehee (think that ending's right?!)

Maths - Used some blocks today to try and reinforce the concept of number bonds, hadn't thought of doing it this way before, but got the idea from Let's play Maths, and the kids loved it! it's the first time I've seen them this excited about Maths, lol, so maths can be fun! I also gave them some numbers on a sheet to work out which two numbers add up to make that particular number, they enjoyed doing this also masha'Allaah. It helped them to really understand the concept, and it was nice to see Dd(8) understanding it, as she did struggle a bit the other day, working from her workbook.

We also carried on practicing telling the time, I showed a few examples on the clock face, and then they completed some worksheets. I've promised them that when each of them learns to tell the time properly, I will buy them a watch as their reward, so they're quite excited about that, masha'Allaah.

Reading Reflex - Started Ds(6) on the book today, he done well, baarakAllaahu feehee, I've wanted to start him for a while now, I intended to do it after school with him but have never started the routine, so now is the perfect time insha Allaah. I have alot of confidence in this programme masha'Allaah, I have seen results with Dd(8) and Dd(5) and find it an easy programme to teach masha'Allaah.

We weren't able to fit in handwriting today, I tried to do as much as we could, but insha Allaah we have tomorrow.


ayesha said...

May allah SWT accept your husbands Haj and your sacrifice for being without him for two weeks!
Our homeschooling also slow, busy with visitors but Alhamdulillah life has more to it than school right ;)
I find the blog you quoted from last week, Higher up and further in, very interesting and helpful.

Iman said...

as salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh

I got your link via the IslamWTM mailing list. Love your reports - it is nice to see homeschoolers in operation :) I am using the Charlotte Mason approach as well :)

Naimah Umm Khadijah said...

Ayesha - Wa alaykum assalam, Ameen to your du'a jazakillaahu khairan.
Yes, masha'Allaah that blog is very useful, I have felt very encouraged reading through the posts alhamdulillaah.

Iman - Wa alaykum assalam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu, welcome to my blog, Thankyou for your lovely comment, masha'Allaah, much appreciated.
Maybe you can teach me a thing or two from the Charlotte Mason method insha Allaah, I have only recently started reading more into it, but I find her philosophy very interesting and beneficial masha'Allaah.