"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
-Charlotte Mason

Monday, 1 December 2008

A fresh start

I've been intending to set up this new blog , since my old blog mum of four, got accidentally deleted, and I've kind of given up waiting for blogger to get back to me after my request for it to be restored, and even if it is restored I've read that my posts wont be. So it's time to start fresh I think. I feel so happy to finally have a place again to post updates on our homeschooling and other relevant information. This will be a place where I can keep on track of what we're doing, what we're following etc, my thoughts etc... just like a journal, a place where insha Allaah in years to come my kids can look back at all the things they did and how they've progressed.

Ok, so a little about me, I'm a mum of four alhamdulillaah (all praise be to God), my 6yr old son attends school, and I homeschool my two daughters aged 5/8, I also have a 9mth old baby boy alhamdulillaah. So as you can tell I'm kept busy. I came into Islam in 2001, and have finally discovered my purpose in life, that is to worship my creator to the best of my ability, and obey him.

At the moment homeschooling is a bit up and down in my house, but slowly slowly we're getting there, I'm working on getting to bed earlier, as I've got a bad habit of staying up very late, I just seem to come alive around 10/11pm and my average time to go to bed was about 2/30 - 3 a.m, I've been bringing the time back to about 1ish, which is an improvement for me, insha Allaah I aim for about 11pm as my limit, we'll see how it goes.

Since reading 'The Well Trained Mind' I've become interested in classical education, the trivium, which is the three part process of training the mind (will write more on this soon insha Allaah), also I have been reading more into Charlotte Mason's philosophy on education and parenting, which is very interesting, and I hope to slowly implement her ideas into our family insha Allaah (god willing).

Apart from homeschooling and daily parenting, I enjoy gaining knowledge of Islam (which right now, I'm not doing enough of, but will restart studying insha Allaah) I also like to explore different avenues of earning money, mainly online, but I'm aware that there's so many scams out there, one has to be so careful, but there are alot of legit ways, I occasionally post these on another of my blogs 'Ideas, resources and tips for the sahm (stay at home mom)

Ok, so that's it for now, will be posting again soon insha Allaah.

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