"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
-Charlotte Mason

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Quotes from Charlotte Mason 4th Volume

Nobody knows how much is possible to any one person. Many persons go through life without recognizing this. They have no notion of how much they can do and feel, know and be; and so their lives turn out poor, narrow, and disappointing. (p. 9)

Never think of your meals till they come, and, while you are eating, talk and think of something more amusing than your food. (p. 13)

Thirst is a simple fellow; the beverage he likes best is pure cold water. (p. 15)

We should always have something worthwhile to think about, that we may not let our minds dwell upon unworthy matters. (p. 21)

Never knowingly read anything or listen to anything which could suggest unclean imaginations. (p. 52)

Never let us reflect upon small annoyances, and we shall be able to bear great ones sweetly. Never let us think over our small pains, and our great pains will be easily endurable. (p. 90)

The other and surer way of guarding ourselves from this evil possession of self-pity is to think about others. Be quick to discern their pains and sufferings, and be ready to bring help. (p. 90)

To be benevolent is to have good will towards all men. (p. 91)

Kindness is to make everyday life pleasant and comfortable to others. (p. 99)

The essence of acts of Kindness is that they should be unremembered. (p. 101)

A grateful heart rejoices not only in the gift but in the giver. (p. 109)

Formal thanks are proper enough on occasions, but there are other ways of expressing gratitude. A glance, a smile, a word of appreciation and recognition straight from the heart, will fill the person who has done us a kindness with pleasure. (p. 109)

If we would but believe it, we have all courage to face any calamity, any enemy, an death.
(p. 122)

It is a bad thing to think that time is our own to do what we like with. We all have duties, and a certain share of our time must be given to those duties. This power of making oneself work is a fine thing. Every effort makes the next easier. (p. 173)

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