"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
-Charlotte Mason

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Trip to the library and extremely cold weather !

We visited the library today and got quite a big selection of books, I'm suprised I managed to carry them all back, but that's when the pram comes in more handier than just transporting a toddler around :D

Some of the books we had were :

  • Captain Cook - Usborne Famous Lives
  • The adventures of Sinbad - Usborne
  • Christopher Columbus - Usborne
  • The great big book of reading, first steps
  • The Sea-thing child - Russel Hoban
  • Stories by Firelight - Shirley Hughes
  • Beware of the storybook wolves - Lauren Child
  • Strat and Chatto - Jan Mark
  • Animals up close - Igor Siwanowicz
  • Ocean Start express - Mark Haddon/Peter Sutton
  • The Gruffalo's child - Julia Donaldson
  • Usborne Children's picture atlas
  • Nelly the monster sitter - Kes Gray
  • Into the woods - Lyn Gardner
  • Cheer up chicken - Bob Hartman
  • Young Frederick Douglas - The Slave who learned to read - Linda Walvoord Girard
  • Black Beauty - Usborne

I've just printed off a reading chart for Dd(9) to keep record of the books she's reading, we did start one last year but didn't record all the ones she'd read, which is a shame really, as it's nice to keep track.

I picked up a couple more Schofield and Sims workbooks today from one of the local Islamic shops, Masha'Allaah when I first visited the shop before I was so amazed at the extensive range of study books they actually had, plus educational posters for the wall. I went there yesterday also and got some Maths and English workbooks and a world map poster for the classroom.

I was soooooo happy to finally get home today, after being out for a quite a while, the kids were moaning, Dd(6) had been jumping around in the slush and kicking the ice, even though I warned her that her feet would probably get soaked (she wore her shoes today instead of her wellies which I didn't even think of at the time) so she was complaining about her feet, and even though I felt very sorry for her, I hoped that she would learn her lesson for next time insha Allaah. My feet were yet again frozen, even more than on Thursday, they were so cold they were painful :(

Now alhamdulillah we're nice and warm, and I reminded the kids of how grateful we should be to Allaah that he has given us a warm shelter, food, warm water and clothes, these are enormous blessings, and to think, subhanAllaah, there are actually people living out on the streets in this weather! may Allaah help them, and never put us in a situation like that, ameen.


April Mitchell said...

I just started keeping track of the books my kiddos read on Goodreads.com- I have an account and I just added them as a list to mine. You can also have them think of a short review about the book and they get to rate it from 1-5.

Umm Khadijah said...

Thanks April, will take a look at that site now :)