"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
-Charlotte Mason

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Weekly report January 17th 2010 (bit late this week!)

We haven't really had a great week, Ds(7) was off school due to the snow, and so mummy ended up crawling back into bed after fajr most mornings, shattered from going to bed at not a very decent time :( .......................... so our mornings started late, and the workbooks were brought out, I don't fully rely on them, the girls do a page or so a day normally, but I was happy they were doing something at least.

The girls carried on practicing their number bonds, I really want them to memorise them insha Allaah, we're currently working through Singapore Maths and it does mention how important it is for the child to know them before moving on to further units. I put together two small booklets for them, with the number bonds up to ten, progress is somewhat slow, but I think because we're not spending enough time practicing them.

They both reviewed the time we've been working on, like 'o' clock, half past the hour, quarter past and quarter to, Masha'Allaah in the last couple of days, Dd(6) has been telling me the time alot more from her watch her Nan bought her recently, so it's nice to see that it is going in, insha Allaah.

Dd(6) has started 'First language lessons' she will be going on to lesson 3 this week insha Allaah, Dd(9) will be going on to lesson 35, I just can't wait for her to get on to the second part of the book now insha Allaah, we try to fit in a lesson a day if things are going well.

English and Maths was done in their workbooks.

We also had a bit of fun with the snow last week, it's not often we really do anything creative, so I was determined this week that I would fit something in for them, so Masha'Allaah they made pictures on the snow and sculpted igloos and teddybears (Dd(9)'s idea :)

We also did a very simple experiment which I found online, which was to see exactly how clean the snow is, I put some snow in a pan, heated it until it melted, then I poured it into a dish which I had covered with a few sheets of kitchen towel paper and taped it around the edges, there were a few small specks of dirt, but not alot.

I did take some photos of the week, but unfortunately I'm having alot of problems right now, the one memory card I was using with my camera has all of a sudden become 'write protected' and so I'm unable to upload them to the computer, I've just bought a new one, thinking it would be fine, but I'm having exactly the same problem with that one too, I'm feeling soo frustrated as I don't know where the problem is, the cards/my camera/the card reader or the computer??? Insha Allaah I'll get to the bottom of it soon.

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