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-Charlotte Mason

Friday, 8 January 2010

Weekly report January 9, 2010

Just a bit of what we've been working on this week :

Maths :

Number bonds practice and memorisation

Telling the time to the hour/half hour/quarter to/quarter past - Alhamdulillaah this is going well Masha'Allaah, just need to keep practising, I picked up a clock yesterday from the chemist which was half price, it teaches the time and has two interchangeable faces, the girls loved it :)

Addition/subraction in workbooks.

Times tables.

Handwriting : Started back with the Zaner Bloser books, we missed them! so they completed a few pages from there, eldest daughter is mainly on copywork now, youngest is also copywork, but I have noticed she's gone back to not correctly forming some of her letters, so will give her more practice on them. Continuing with learning cursive writing also insha Allaah.

Language skills :

Reading Reflex, mainly with Dd(6) working through the advanced code. Still using the Ruth Miskin synthetic phonics books, which I think are great Masha'Allaah, but we've got to the last book now, I think there are further ones, but they don't have them in the library which is a shame.

Sight words

Rhyming words


Using first language lessons, Dd(6) started her first lesson of the book this week, Nouns.

Dd(9) is on lesson 33, she should be further really, but we've haven't been fully consistent with the book, insha Allaah we'll finish it soon, and then go on to the next one.

Irregular plural nouns

Science :

Natural/man-made materials

living/non living things (plants)

Geography :

Map work, using resources from The Teacher File Box, which is an excellent site, though a little costly each month, but most definitely worth it insha Allaah for what it has to offer.

History :

Story of the world - Susan Wise Bauer - Ancient times - Nomads - Narration work.

I was so excited about the Sequential spelling programme I purchased online, but as yet, have still not started it, need to sit and read it properly insha Allaah, so I completely understand the method it teaches.

So that's about it for our week, I did want to do alot more, but alhamdulillaah I was quite pleased that we got to fit in a few extra things. I've been waking the girls up around the same time DS(7) goes to school so we're getting a slightly earlier start, alhamdulillaah.

I recently contacted the LEA and informed them that I home educate, I'm still waiting for a call back from them, I'm just hoping that I've done the right thing, you hear so many stories, some good some bad, just don't know what to expect,but at the end of the day all I can do is try my best with my girls, I want a good education for them insha Allaah, and I hope that the LEA will see that and accept my efforts. I put my trust in Allaah and ask him for goodness and that he be pleased with us in every thing we do, ameen.

Well, on a different subject, it's library day tomorrow insha Allaah, will hopefully meet up with Umm M and her girls and spend about an hour there, that's the highlight of our weekend :D


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog today and really enjoyed it :-)I'm an independent, remedial reading tutor and use a superb programme that is very similar to Reading Reflex -it's called the Sound Reading System.
I'm also a past home educator (I home educated my youngest son for 6 years) and was home educated myself. I'm now a grandma with 4 grandchildren.
I've got a website too:
www.dyslexics.org.uk where you'll find lots of information on teaching reading, a bit about maths, and home education too.
I hope you find it interesting and useful.


Umm Khadijah said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for dropping by, will be popping by yours soon :)

Anonymous said...

I strongly recommend that you remove all links and references to the 'Sparklebox' website.

If you want to know why, then contact me -or go to the TES 'early years' forum where there is a message string about the subject.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I like the Ruth Miskin synthetic phonics books too but we read them all. I then picked up some equally good synthetic phonic books from the English Literacy Foundation (ELF). Have you seen these books yet? - I can now go to rest for a change and get my child to read me a bedtime story!

... and thank you Susan for your useful link to the TES early years forum - I see what you mean about Sparklebox!

Happy snowy week.


Umm Khadijah said...

Hi Helen,

Welcome and thankyou for your comment.

I've just taken a look at the ELF website, and some of the books, they're just what I need!
Thankyou for passing on the link :D